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IFALPA president calls Ghulam Sarwar Khan’s statement unfounded and on the “brink of being reckless”

Captain Jack Netskar, president IFALPA.

The president of the International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Association (IFALPA) has written to Prime Minister Imran Khan shared the deep concerns on behalf of the international pilot community about the “unfounded statements made by the Pakistani Minister for Aviation declaring that many Pakistani commercial pilots hold licenses that in his words are fake”. This is the second letter written by Captain Jack Netskar to Pakistani Prime minister Imran Khan.

Captain Jack Netskar wrote in the letter that “I am writing to you once again as the President of the International Federation of Airline Pilots’ Association (IFALPA) presenting more than 140,000 professional pilots around the world in nearly 100 countries. The Pakistani Airline Pilots Association (PALPA) is one of our long-time Member Associations.”

IFALPA president wrote “we find these statements on the brink of being reckless not just for the individuals named, but for Pakistan and its ability to continue operating international air services. The first immediate effect of this situation is the European Union banning Pakistani airlines from entering its airspace. It is very clear to all independent observers that there are problems with Pakistan International Airlines (P1A) and perhaps the wider aviation community within Pakistan which the Minister of Aviation seems quick to highlight. Any of the problems, perceived or real, need to be immediately dealt with for the sake of aviation safety; an interest we all keenly share. With respect, we strongly believe that those problems can only be addressed effectively at this point with the participation of independent international bodies such as IFALPA, IATA, and ICAO”.

He further wrote that “it is our desire to see PIA return to its historical place as an aviation leader in the region. We want this for the people of Pakistan, the employees of PIA, and our PALPA colleagues. PALPA is prepared and equipped to be partners in finding solutions, along with the unrestricted support from our Federation. IFALPA is a well-respected and renowned aviation organization that your Government can rely on for assisting in both the ongoing accident investigation of PK 3303 as well as with any task force that is created to deal with the licensing scandal”.

“We are not here to blame but to provide our expertise to find the truth,” wrote Captain Jack Netskar, president of IFALPA, to “enhance aviation safety and restore confidence in the Pakistani aviation system.”


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