We started this project from our own funds with one aim. To provide readers a one-stop for everything about the Pakistani aviation scene. Pakistani aviation is marred by misinformation, leakages, and above all ignorant media who play on fear and spread lies. Pakistan aviation in the last two years has established itself as one of the most trusted and authentic sources of news, views, and reviews about Pakistan Aviation. We aim to bring the right side of the story without bias and without prejudice.
Now we have grown to a level where we can not sustain it from our own pockets. We need your support and help to keep this going and spread it further. We want to encourage more writers to write and want to pay them. We want to pay the photographers who are projecting the bright side of our aviation.
And we want to do it without relying on advertisements from the airline and aviation industry. To keep our integrity and independence we are requesting you to support us.

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