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When there is nothing against PIA they dig out old stuff

PIA worldliner at Lahore's Allama Iqbal International airport.

Stupidity and baseless propaganda against Pakistan International Airlines is reaching news heights. Media notoriously have crossed all the lines of distorting facts and information but in a new low a video circulating on social media is attributed to PIA and people are trying to connect the dots.

PIA in a statement has clarified that this video is few years old and people in the video no longer work for PIA. PIA in a statement “said with certainty that it has discontinued this type of glasses and the corporate logo on them several years ago.”

PIA also clarified that PIA no longer operate Boeing 737-300 aircrafts which is shown in the video as these aircrafts were phased out in 2014. Interestingly PIA flight number PK207 which is mentioned in the video was terminated in 2015. The Senior Purser shown in this video retired in 2014.

And PIA rightly pointed that it is unfortunate that some people are trying to use this video to malign PIA while raising questions regarding its food safety standards. What else you can say when ignorance is rule of the day and people don’t even bother to verify information before spreading it.


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