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Prime Minister Imran Khan’s jet makes an emergency landing in NYC after electronics glitch

Prime minister Imran Khan arrived in New York onboard the private jet of Prince Mohammad Bin Salman.

The plane carrying Prime Minister Imran Khan and his delegation malfunctioned hours into the return trip from the US and was forced to land back in New York. Special Assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan Naeem ul Haque tweeted that “due to technical fault in the plane, Prime Minister Imran Khan will be spending the night back at the hotel in New York.”

According to details, the crew discovered a technical problem on board four hours after it left New York for Pakistan on Friday night. The details of the malfunction are unclear at present, but apparently, it was serious since the aircraft was forced to turn around near Toronto, Canada. It then landed at New York’s John F. Kennedy International airport. 

As the fault could not be immediately fixed, PM Imran Khan will be spending an extra night in New York. It is not clear yet if the plane belongs to Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who lent it to Khan after the Pakistani PM arrived in Riyadh on a commercial flight for a pre-UNGA visit.


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