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Lahore International Airport ILS is back in action

Paistan Civil Aviation Authority. aircraft AP-CAC is involved in calibration of

Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority has completed the special calibration flight checks for the restoration of Instrument Landing System (ILS), Radio Navigational and Visual Aids at Lahore International Airport. On 3rd December 2021 PCAA announced that (ILS) facilities were made unavailable at all airports of Pakistan due to their overdue calibration tests. Pakistan CAA has since re calibrated the Islamabad International Airport’s ILS already.

Not only PIA but other airlines like Airblue, Serene Air and Air Sial and many international airlines coming to Lahore or flying from Lahore have changed their schedules. Pakistan International Airlines has announced to re-route or cancel multiple flights from Lahore International airport. Due to dense fog and the fact that Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority forgot to or thought not to calibrate the Instrument Landing System (ILS) at the country’s major airports.


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