Airblue starts flying to Jeddah from Islamabad.
Airblue Aviation News

Airblue launches Islamabad Riyadh flights

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Pakistan’s second largest private carrier Airblue has launched direct flights connecting Pakistani capital Islamabad with Saudi capital riyadh. Airblue will add competing on this route with Saudi Airlines and Pakistan International airlines. Airblue will be flying to Jeddah 6 days a week with two flights every Thursday while there will be no Islamabad to Jeddah flight on Saturdays.

Airblue is tapping into Umra market and recently launched directs flights between Peshawar and Jeddah. It is already flying from Lahore, and Karachi. There is an increase in directs flight between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan in recent months and all airlines have seen steady growth on these routes. PIA and Saudi airlines fly their wide bodies as compared to Airblue’s narrow bodies.


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