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PIA receives 2 Pegasus Boeing 737-800s

Pegasus 737-400 have started operation with PIA.

Pakistan international airlines has received 2 Boeing 737-800 next generation aircrafts on wet lease. These aircrafts are a result of PIA’s latest tenders that it adervtised few months ago. PIA will receive 2 more narrow bodies in coming weeks.

PIA retired it last set of 3 Airbus A310s on 1 January and these 4 narrow bodies will be used to fill the gap while PIA finalises 4 narrow bodies acquisition on dry lease. These 2 Pegasus planes are around 6 years old with all economy seating capacity of 189 seats.

PIA management is looking to add Airbus aircrafts to its fleet and looking for all 3 variants to have flexibility. There are indications that PIA will be adding A319s & A321s while increasing number of A320s it currently has.

In February PIA has to finalise the deal with Srilankan to convert its A330s lease. Currently PIA is flying one Srilankan A330 on wet lease for its premier service while it aims to add another example if the deal is done for maintenance of A330s.

Pia is also finalising the interiors for its Boeing 777 fleet that is due for refurbishments. PIA is planing to install new seats in both classes as well as getting completely modern IFE for its Boeing 777.


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