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The Pakistani baby Airbus, A319 of Shaheen Air

Shaheen Air international got the Airbus A319 from Turkish Airlines and these are part of 7 A319s Shaheen is expecting to get in coming days. The smaller aircraft will seat 150 passengers in all economy class configuration. The plane went technical due to issues with engines and remained grounded for days. Abus Sattar Sohail, who is one of the finest aviation photographers in Pakistan took this photo on Saturday when the plane took for the first time after spending days grounded.

The little Airbus of Pakistani aviation. Airbus A319 of Shaheen Air is part of 7 A319s Shaheen Acquired.
Shaheen plans to configure these A319s into all economy with 150 seats in each aircraft.
In Pakistani most A320 family aircrafts are A320 and A321 and this is not the first time an airline has taken A319s as Airblue has used A319s in the past.

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