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“No PIA aircraft is missing or stolen”

After a long doubtful silence the management of PIA have woken up and stated categorically that no PIA aircraft is missing or stolen. The advisor to prime minister Sardar Mehtab Abbasi told senate that “the news of a PIA aircraft going missing, is misreporting on behalf of media.” He was talking about the news spread by MQM senator Tahir Hussain Mashadi who falsely spread his news that PIA Boeing 777 plane is missing and the former COO & acting Ceo took it with him. Now in a country where learned and educated members of parliament do not use google or understand the difference between a Boeing and Airbus its the plane but something else that is missing.

Sardar Mehtab Abassi also said that the former PIA (acting) chief executive sold this aircraft. Since the deal was vague, FIA has been tasked with probing this deal. This is something we are hearing from last many months but nothing have come out of it?

And finally he explained that “The aircraft under discussion is currently parked at a museum in Germany. PIA wishes to take its aircraft back, however, the museum demanded an aircraft parking fee which was higher than the aircraft’s value.” Something that could have been found by a simple google search was turned into a media frenzy. We hope that Senator Tahir Hussain Mashahdi and Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Sheikh Aftab Ahmad or their teams can teach them how to use google and how not to give unverified false information to the house.

The plane in question an Airbus A310 was transported to Leipzig as part of deal that is still shrouded in mystery. The plane is still there and PIA and its management is taking its time to resolve this issue. Just to drag Bernd Hildenbrand into mud the whole deal was brought to spotlight and after that it has become a nightmare for those who were screaming about it. At the end of this all it will be taxpayers who will foot the bill for another case of infighting between PIA management and various factions.

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