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Hotel refusing to provide accommodation to “PIA staff is fake news”

PIA spokesman has strongly denied a news story appearing in a section of Media that a hotel in UK has denied accommodation to PIA on any pretext. He lashed out at Pakistani media specially two Pakistani newspapers Express Tribune and Pakistan Today for publishing news item without “verification” and “in order to malign” PIA. PIA spokesperson clarified that “the airline has contracts with leading hotels in UK and continues to acquire services of these fine hotels.”

Calling the story “totally baseless” PIA clarified that PIA has hotel service agreement with a fine hotel in Birmingham since September 2017 and continues to use their services to the satisfaction of both parties. However, PIA had a temporary arrangement with another hotel in Birmingham for three months prior to September 2017.

The fact is that on the closure of a Hotel which PIA was utilizing before June 2017, PIA had to look for another hotel for its crew. But this was required only fir 3 months, from June to August, before going for a formal agreement with a new hotel as per Airline requirements.

It is also very interesting to note that in case PIA had a bad experience as stated in the news; how come a better hotel signed an agreement with PIA?


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