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Airblue releases domestic flight schedule after Eid for 10 to 16 June

Airblue is inducting two new aircraft into its fleet.

Pakistan’s second largest airline has announced flight schedule for its post-Ramzan operations. The airline suspended all domestic flights during Ramzan and the schedule only indicates flights for a week between 10 to 16 June. Would this continue beyond 16 June? There is no indication on the announcement but insiders say that airline will gradually increase the flights as it has more aircraft added to its fleet.

Most interestingly the flight schedule does not have daily flights for 7 days of the week. Also, the frequency is bare minimum meaning limited options.


There will be 12 weekly flights between Islamabad and Karachi. Daily one flight on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. There will be no flights on Thursdays and Sundays. There will be a late night third flight on Tuesday from Islamabad moreover a third flight on Wednesday evening from Karachi.

  • Flight PA201 will depart at 7 AM from Islamabad for Karachi
  • Flight PA200 will depart at 10 AM from Karachi for Islamabad
  • Flight PA204 will depart at 6 PM from Islamabad for Karachi on Wednesdays
  • Flight PA205 will depart at 9 PM from Karachi for Islamabad on Tuesdays


There will be 14 weekly flights between Lahore and Karachi. There will be daily one flight and an additional There will be an additional return flight on Monday and Wednesday.

  • Flight PA401 will depart at 8.30 from Lahore for Karachi
  • Flight PA402 will depart at 11.15 from Karachi for Lahore
  • Flight PA404 will depart at 17.30 from Karachi for Lahore on Tuesday and Thursday
  • Flight PA405 will depart at 23.00 from Karachi for Islamabad on Mondays and Wednesdays

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