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PIA training aircraft makes an emergency landing after engine failure

PIA training aircraft that crash landed near Keti Bandar, Karachi

A Cessna 172N Skyhawk of Pakistan International Airlines made an emergency landing after engine failure. Both pilot and instructors onboard the aircraft are safe. The aircraft registration AP-BAJ, and it is owned by PIA’s Benazir Bhutto Flight Academy. The area where the aircraft made emergency landing is near Keti Bundar, approx 100 km south of Karachi.

The aircraft is almost 40 years old with construction number 17270441. It was registered in Pakistan as AP-BAJ for PIA. Registration AP-BAJ was removed Pakistan Aircraft Register on October 25, 1983. Aircraft transferred to Pakistan Air Force (PAF). PAF serial number ’70-441′ operated by PAF number 41 squadron. Registration AP-BAJ re-issued to the aircraft, November 1, 2010, and aircraft painted in PIA colours to be used for training cadet pilots of airline’s Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Flight Academy.

The aircraft lost its front nose wheel, that was found nearby
The aircraft will be removed and PIA engineers will check the aircraft to assess the damages.

The plane took off at 9 AM in the morning from Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport and at 40 minutes past 9, the aircraft developed a technical fault in its engine and had to make an emergency landing. Below is the statement issued by PIA in Urdu.

The bush appear to have halted the plane after loss of front landing gear.
People working nearby gathered in big numbers to help the crew and alert rescue services

پی آئی اے کے ایک تربیتی طیارے سیسنا 172 کو تیکنیکی خرابی کے باعث کیٹی بندر کے قریب ایمر جنسی لینڈنگ کرنا پڑی۔ پائلٹ اور اسٹوڈنٹ دونوں مکمل خیریت سے ہیں۔
طیارہ نے کراچی سے صبح 9 بجے اڑان بھری اور تقریبا” 40۔9 بجے تیکنیکی خرابی پیدا ہونے کے باعث پائلٹ نے مہارت سے کیٹی بندر کے قریب اتار لیا۔ 
طیارے کے نقصانات کا تخمینہ لگایا جا رہا ہے ۔
پی آئی اے نے واقعے کی انکوائری شروع کر دی ہے۔
ترجمان پی آئی اے


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