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PIA passenger suffer double misery, after a flight delay, PIA left their baggage in Beijing

PIA Boeing 777 climbing out

Pakistan International Airlines flight PK853 from Beijing to Islamabad arrived at Islamabad after the passengers had to wait for two days. But the angry passengers who suffered a two-day long wait to get this flight had more surprises in store. PIA left their bags at Beijing airport. PIA in a statement said that”flight PK853 will arrive at Islamabad airport at 21.00 and then continue its journey to Karachi later on. Due to unavoidable curcumstances, passenger baggage could not be brought back.”

Passenger Mubashir Khalid who had tweeted this whole ordeal wrote another tweet saying “Breaking news: PIA leaves all bags of passengers in Beijing in the flight PK853 that came after 2 days of delay. We only got to know about this after reaching Baggage Claim. Now bags will come in the next flight from Beijing. PIA is driving us insane, is there no limit?”

PIA apologised in its statement also wrote that “passengers baggage will arrive on 15th July and it will be sent to passengers houses.” Earlier PIA cancelled its flight due to technical reasons and left passengers wondering for 6 hours without any answers. But PIA did not mention anything about the technical issue.

Leading aviation website Aviation Herald claimed in a news update on 13 June that “Pakistan International Airlines Boeing 777-200, registration AP-BMH performing flight PK-852 from Islamabad (Pakistan) to Beijing (China), departed Islamabad’s runway 10R but burst a tyre on departure. The aircraft climbed out and continued to Beijing for a safe landing about 5:15 hours after departure. The aircraft was unable to depart for the next sector to Tokyo Narita (Japan) due to the tyre damage and is still on the ground in Beijing about 45 hours after landing.”


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