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PIA engineers turn around bird stricken Boeing 777 at Lahore airport

PIA Boeing 777-240ER registration AP-BGK at Islamabad Benazir Bhutto International Airport.
A Pakistan International Airlines plane had a bird strike, engineers repaired the plane and got it ready within 5 hours.

Pakistan International Airlines Boeing 777-200ER (AP-BGJ) performing flight PK-710 from Manchester to Lahore suffered bird strike during landing at Lahore Airport. The incident happened at around 6.54 as the plane landed safely in Lahore around that time. Upon landing PIA engineers grounded the aircraft as one of its engines is being examined for bird ingestion.

A team of PIA engineers with necessary parts and equipment arrived at Lahore airport from Karachi where PIA has its engineering base. The aircraft was repaired and sent on its next flight with a delay of 5 hours. This aircraft grounding had a knock on effect on PIA flight PK757 from Lahore to London PK-757 which was scheduled to depart from Lahore at 11:35 AM. The flight eventually 16.42.

This happened at a time when PIA is busy in its pre-hajj operation and it is very difficult for the airline to spare a jet. On the other hand, one of PIA’s Boeing 777 is stuck in Beijing due to technical issues and there are passengers severely affected by the whole incident. You can watch the passengers protesting about their ordeal in the video below.


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