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PIA flight PK250 finally takes off from Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport

A Pakistan International Airline aircraft Airbus A320 was stopped by Hamid Karzai International airport’s officials. But the aircraft has since taken off. According to Afghan News channel Tolo News “Afghan authorities preventing PIA (Pakistan Int’l Airlines) aircraft to use longer runway (111) at Kabul airport. The PIA A-320 aircraft–with 162 passengers–is stranded at the airport. Afghan authorities are not allowing passengers to get off. Tense situation.”

But according to PIA sources “the airport runway maintenance work is in progress. The airport authorities asked PIA to use shorter runway with weight penalty which meant offloading passengers. The pilot refused to do to as all the passengers were boarded and it would take a long time to offload passengers as well as their luggage. So after back and forth, the permission was obtained and the plane has just taken off.


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