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Chaos at Dubai airport after heavy rains

Heavy rain and strong wind has disrupted flight operations at Dubai international airport.

Dubai international airport is a scene of chaos after last night’s storm as parking bays have drowned underwater creating a shortage of gates. Multiple flights are cancelled and those that have managed to land are struggling to cope with the pressure on the system. Dubai airports authority has issued an advisory to passengers travelling to and from Dubai airport that “due to heavy rainfall, Dubai International DXB is experiencing flight disruption.

On the other hand, Pakistani airlines flying to Dubai and flights coming in from Dubai to Pakistan are also affected. Heavy rain with strong winds lashed the emirate on Friday night and this has disrupted flight operations.

Pakistan International Airlines flight PK213 from Karachi to Dubai was diverted to Sharjah last night. It was flown into Dubai this morning but still waiting for a gate from past 1.5 hours. PK283 from Peshawar to Dubai landed this morning but waiting for a gate for 1 hour. PK221 on AP-BMX flight from Multan first took off from Lahore instead of Multan (flight’s actual departure airport) landed 30 mins ago but still waiting on the taxiway. PK223 on AP-BLZ took off from Lahore instead of its original departure airport Faisalabad due to fog landed 2 hours ago but is still waiting for a gate. PK211 from Islamabad to Dubai on AP-BLS is about to face the same fate because it has arrived in Dubai. PK233 and PK234 using AP-BLA is the only flight that has been operated in an out of Dubai airport. But with over 7 hours delay. PK203 from Lahore to Dubai on AP-BGJ is delayed and its new departure time is 7 PM. Airblue’s flight PA416 from Lahore to Dubai landed around 30 mins ago but it is still in the queue for a parking spot.

Traffic jam and clogged roads mean travelling to and from the airport is very difficult.

Pakistan Air Traffic control has stopped all flights as there is a severe crisis at Dubai airport for even parking spots for planes. It also said in a statement that due to lack of space aircraft are facing difficulty in refuelling. PIA in a statement said that until things improve in Dubai flights operation will remain suspended. PK233 from Islamabad to Dubai was diverted to Muscat and passengers are waiting there for improvement in weather conditions. Emirates flight EK636 is delayed due to weather and its new arrival time is 1 PM local time.

Dubai airports have also requested passengers to use the Dubai metro to reach the airport as roads are congested around the airport. They also said in a statement that “we advise customers to allow significant extra time to get to the airport. Customers should check their flight status with their airline or on http://dubaiairports.ae”

According to the Dubai’s National Center of Meteorology’s daily forecast: “Continuity of rainfall, especially over the Northern, Eastern, and some coastal and internal areas. The number of clouds will decrease gradually by evening. The situation will remain the same until Saturday evening, and then calm down. However, there will be scattered rain on Sunday also.”

NCM has also alerted that windy and cloudy weather is also expected to blow dust and sand across the country, resulting in poor horizontal visibility. Winds at a speed of 35-45km/h going up to a maximum of 55-65km/h are expected to kick up some dust in exposed areas. If you are heading outdoors, it’s advisable to be prepared.

دبئی میں شدید خراب موسم، پاکستان ائیر ٹریفک کنٹرول نے تمام پروازیں روکنے کا حکم دے دیا۔ دبئی ائیرپورٹ پر جہازوں کی پارکنگ کی جگہ ختم، ایندھن بھرنا میں بھی مشکلات کا سامنا۔ جب تک دبئی میں موسم اور ائیرپورٹ کی صورتحال بہتر نہیں ہوتی پروازیں نہیں بھیجی جائیں گی ترجمان پی آئی اے عبداللہ خان۔ پی کی 233 اسلام آباد دبئی جو راستے میں تھی کو مسقط اتار لیا گیا ہے۔ یہ پرواز موسم بہتر ہوتے ہی دبئی بھیج دی جائے گی۔


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