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Director PIA Premier resigns and its accepted

MS. Tabassum Qadir former Director Customer Services. Image courtesy: africa business communities

PIA’s director Customer Services, Ms. Tabassum Qadir was appointed after the fanfare surrounding the launch of Premier service but she has to resigned in a really unexpected way. According to insider news exclusively available to Pakistan Aviation we can reveal the real story behind the resignation.

But before we talk about resignation lets talk about her appointment. A separate Division for Customer and Premier Service was created and this tailor made job was handed over to Ms. Tabassum Qadir. And we don’t need to tell why such tailor made stuff is created in PIA because everybody knows it. MS Qadir was earning a salary of  more than Rs1 million every month.

According to insider news MS. Qadir was upset over few things and she sent out a an email ranting about all sorts of things to everybody in PIA. The email contained her resignation although she denies that it was actually meant to be resignation but just a threat. Because once the email reached the CEO he accepted it and after repeated pleading from various quarter including the resigning director he refused to budge and said her goodbye.

And today PIA spokesperson issued the following statement that Ms. Tabassum Qadir, had submitted her resignation through email on January 5, which was duly accepted by CEO, who is the competent authority in this regard. Ms. Qadir had been duly informed about the acceptance of her resignation and January 6 was her last day in PIA. She was asked to hand over charge of her office to the Chief Operating Officer, which she has not done as yet. Her mandatory one-month period has been waived off and her dues shall be paid once she hands over charge and gets her clearance done.

Now this clearly shows how her appointed was made and what was the performance level that the company is see her go and can’t even wait for her to complete her mandatory notice period. Also we didn’t get all the stuff about her rants as if she didn’t know what was happening at PIA before she joined?


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