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Serene Air Boeing 737 hits a tow tug at Islamabad airport

The image from front side shows that damage is limited to fuselage and not landing gear.

Serene Air’s Boeing 737-800 NG was “badly damaged” in an airport runway accident as it hit the tow tug at Islamabad Benazir Bhutto International Airport. The aircraft in question is brand new Serene Aircraft with registration AP-BNA. We are awaiting further information from the airline but from the images it seems that tow tug has damaged on the left side near front landing gear.

Serene Air CEO in a statement said that “the aircraft AP-BNA had a minor on ground incident which is under investigation. Damage to the aircraft is being looked at and it will inshallah soon be in operations after it is repaired and approved by relevant authorities”.

The extent of damage further cleared in this picture and we can see Royal Airport Services sign on the tow tug.
Closer look at aircraft damage.

According to details received from various sources indicate that the aircraft hit the tow tug when it was pushed back for its flight to Karachi. An eye witness on the runway told us that “the pilot was unable to stop the aircraft in time which resulted in this incident.”

From this angle we can see that Tug master isn’t only one on fault here. As tow bar bolts sheared. Also if you notice this is wrong tug.
This guy makes some sense.

The aircraft in question was used in running the flight operations of the airline and was used to launch its operations on 29 January. The tow tug is operated by ground handling company Royal Airport services.


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