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New glass boarding airbridges operational at Sialkot international airport

Qatar Airways and Sial flights at Sialkot International airport.

Sialkot international airport made its new glass passenger boarding bridges operational. The first flights welcomed at these new airbridge was Emirates flight from Dubai EK620 and then Qatar Airways flight from Doha QR626 was welcomed at the other gate. 

By installing these new glass airbridges Sialkot international has once again taken a lead from the rest of Pakistani international airports in providing better facilities for its customers. Sialkot airport has embarked on an ambitious expansion plan to provide state of the arts facilities and last year in October it announced installation of German made CONRAC Flight Information Display System with Interactive Flight Inquiry 114 at Sialkot Airport. 

Sialkot international airport management team on the tarmac

Part of further expansions SIAL installed SITA AirportConnect (CUPPS/CUTE) and Baggage Reconciliation System(BRS) for the Passenger Check-in and Reconciliation of Baggage on advance and state of the art equipment. CUTE System will provide Check-in desks and gates, as well as all peripherals, which are now shared across all airlines at SIAL. In addition, BRS will provide industry-leading functionalities for loading, reconciling, tracking, tracing, and managing baggage operations.


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