Serene Air incident at Islamabad and the typical Pakistani conspiracy theorists

From this angle we can see that Tug master isn't only one on fault here. As tow bar bolts sheared. Also if you notice this is wrong tug.

Serene Air Boeing 737-800 next generation was involved in an accident at Islamabad’s Benazir Bhutto international airport and that created a frenzy among Pakistani media and social media users. Everybody suddenly became an aviation expert, most of these saw some hidden hand working that “pushed the tug and rammed it into the plane”. Some even though that the plane was “victim of some bad omen or jealousy’. There were fingers pointed towards other airlines and some even jumped the gun by naming them. This was typical Pakistani conspiracy theorist mindset at work that sees everything from a judgmental vision.

We spoke to quite a few people who work in aviation, who keep an eye on aviation and then officials. We also looked at all the images and analysed the images and we came to two conclusions.

1: It was either a human error because there was a human piloting the plane and there was another human on the other end manning the tow tug.

2: Or it was a mechanical error because the plane is a machine and sometime machines do not perform as we expect them to perform.

The tow bar is not just an iron bar but something very strong. It takes a lot to bend it like this. See the tow tug stationary and the way plane front landing gear is. What could bend the tow bar? The plane or tow tug?

Now lets address the conspiracies that it was some sort of “industrial sabotage” as one of our genius pointed out. Lets explain it to them that the tow tug is owned by a Royal Airport Services and no matter how much we spin it at the end of the day it is in business to provide services to its customers. In this case the customer is Serene Air. It is stupid to imagine that the tow tug operator did it intentionally because this means he is not interested in his job and the company is not interested in doing business. We all know that is ridiculous so lets move on to next level of moronity. Are these genius experts suggesting the plane was working for the other side? Or the guy piloting it? Here we stop because we refuse to stoop to this level or absurdity.

There are literally dozens of incidents happening with aircrafts in the world on daily basis. Whether it is an incident like Serene’s or like the one PIA Boeing 777 had in Toronto. Just have a look at this website for a moment to understand in real time what happens across the world. Nowhere in the world we see the level of stupidity as we witness here from Pakistani media or from Pakistani common folks who would like to act like if they know things from divine revelation.

A user comments summed it up nicely “Suppose if tow bar pin was broken so tug master driver should immediately communicate with cockpit for setting the break. Other thing is when tug Driver saw that pin has been share so he shouldn’t stop the tug until he saw that aircraft has stop or breaks has parked.”

Missing among this all was a point mentioned by few and that is the need to have a new airport for Islamabad as soon as possible. The current airport is too crowded to accommodate 4 domestic operators and more then dozen international airlines. At the end of the day you can manoeuvre things to a limit in a tight place as it is the case in Islamabad Benazir Bhutto international “Lari Adda” oh sorry airport.

Come on no matter how much you spin it but Islamabad airport is just a glorified bus stop even Q connect’s terminal is way better than the airport.



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  • Nicely covered. Kudos to PK-Aviation Team. Pakistan is in dire need to kill gossip and conspiracy theories, in almost every sphere of industrial and commercial activity, just like PK-Aviation did in the instant case. The theorists will automatically be tamed with the passage of time when the theory dies down.