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Bernd Hildenbrand relieved from the post of acting CEO PIA

PIA CEO Bernd Hildenbrand has The matter pertaining to the travel of more passengers than the booked load on PK-743 on January 20, 2017 is under investigation. CEO PIA has ordered a thorough probe into this matter.

As expected PIA management relieved Bernd Hildenbrand from the position of acting CEO. He continues to hold the position of COO but in the absence of a full time CEO Bernd was working as acting CEO. At the same time the management of PIA advertised for the position of a COO which is Bernd’s actual position. In the meantime the airline is run by ad hoc management and we know very well because it shows.

Currently PIA is run by Nayyar Hayat who is working as acting CEO while Bernd Hildenbrand is sent on forced leave, that does not give him opportunity to leave the country, as his name is placed on exit control list. The situation is slowly moving towards the point where Bernd might be left with two options: work as COO under Nayyar Hayat and be sidelined or leave because PIA management under the current contract can not fire Bernd due to certain restrictions in the contract. Ever since the new advisor to PM on Aviation Sardar Mehtab Abassi took office Bernd has been sidelined and on more than one occasions he was asked to leave the room during important meetings.

Bernd is expected to come back from leave sometime during next week unless he is sent again on forced leave. In the meantime PIA management and aviation division officials are trying to find ways to settle the mess that they helped create. Last week Sardar Mehtab Abbassi and Secretary aviation division met the prime minister and according to our source they discussed the issue regarding Bernd with him.

On the other hand German diplomats are furious over how Bernd is treated. In a strong worded letter written to government of Pakistan the German ambassador pointed out the negative affects of this whole situation on potential investors in Germany or people who are thinking to work in Pakistan.


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