How PIA mafia are once again hell bent on destroying PIA

PIA is a charity and we forget that all too often. A charity for People’s Party workers and a victim of ravage by People’s Unity. A charity costing the government and taxpayers billions of rupees annually.

People’s Unity has become so bold that Acting CEO Saqib Aziz is afraid to take actions on merit. PIACL Board hides under their chairs when asked to decide on corruption. Zia Qadir with tales of mismanagement and corruption in Australia was fired from PIA for low performance is now the CBA blue-eyed boy. He has assured to act as their henchman as Chief of Operations. Other corrupt members of the mafia are on their way to important positions.

In a recent incident, the head of the CBA sent out a mob of his henchmen to forcefully accept the joining of Zia Qadir Qureshi as COO and dragged out a DGM from the CEO’s office to the office of the ex-Chief Financial Officer. In a manner befitting a prisoner being presented in front of the most haunted one alias or aka “His Royal Majesty Allama Hazart Hidayatullah Khan”, the Leader of the Corrupt, in the court or rather in front of the empty seat of “Zile Elahi Nayyar Hayyat”.

The irony ends on the stance on CBA where Asma Bajwa with British dual nationality is bad but Zia Qadir a dual national of Australia is kosher. That’s how the new law of PIA jungle.

A sign of times that thorough professionals like Asma Bajwa are under daily attacks from the corrupt mafia of PIA. But proven failures & twice sacked people like Nayyar Hayat hold union sessions in their offices while the Board of Directors meets to discuss useless items 100 feet away.

It would evidently seem that nationality is not an issue but whether you bow down to the whims and fancies of the corrupt, looters and plunderers is.

What perturbs the most is that only recently the same gang of thugs and robbers belonging to PIA mafia were putting the news on the television about Zia Qadir’s relationship extraordinaire with “two young air hostesses”. Dance scenes were being circulated on the WhatsApp gossip circles but now that is a thing of the past. The champions of the proletariat cause want to help reinstall an Aussie Paki with major credibility issues. What promises have been made and at what cost? Earlier, to broker aircraft acquisition deals the going rate was USD 3.5 million. Even the bigger question is the mandate of the union to meddle in the affairs or decisions of the executive against an untouchable – a contractual employee or is it jagga-culture preceded by chants of Jiye Bhutto to give it legitimacy?

The funniest being that deep down no one has any ideological preference but a common goal, reinstall the corrupt, rotten and personal gain culture of the past which was eradicated by the now deposed President & CEO Musharraf Rasool Cyan who was a casualty of the “misguided or targetted” Judicial activism.

Jeeye Bhutto!


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