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Serene Air Economy class flight review Karachi to Lahore onboard Boeing 737-800

Serene Air Boeing 737-800

Fatima Irfan Sheikh flew on Serene Air from Karachi to Lahore. We requested her to provide the review for us and she kindly wrote it as per our requirements. Fatima writes hr own blog with the title Glossips and she has also published this on her blog which you can read here.

I had been hearing a lot about SereneAir, the new local airline for Pakistan, I couldn’t experience SereneAir while I was leaving for Karachi as it hadn’t launched till then, on my way back to Lahore we (me and my family) got the chance to experience SereneAir. I will be sharing everything about that experience in this post.

Here is what Fatima thought of the flight.

The Flight:

Serene air started its operations on 29th January 2017.

Once I was done with the boarding, while walking inside, all I could see were beautiful blue and white (SereneAir themed) balloons everywhere. The flight timing was punctual which was impressive, I walked down the stairs to enter the bus that takes the passengers to the plane, the plane was huge and beautiful, I saw it while I was still seated in the bus. Going up the stairs, I got a better view of the plane and obviously did not miss a chance to snap that moment as it looked perfect.

The plane was incredibly clean from inside, I just wish that the seating area was a bit more spacious, the leg room was good enough, the seats were not uncomfortable at all compared to some airlines I’ve traveled in before, the staff members were highly professional and served each and every person very well, personally the uniforms of the air hostesses were very well themed in terms of the colour scheme. The seats were the same as they would look like in any other local airline, but noticeably neater and cleaner, I was satisfied with the legroom provided as that’s something I generally face an issue with while travelling, the seats were comfortable in general, pillows were offered if asked for, the toilet was VERY neat and clean.

Food and beverage:

The food and beverage provided onboard was really good and hope the airline will continue to provide same service.

One of the things I cringe on is when it comes to eating in a flight because the food is just so tasteless. I’ve never ever liked the food served in ANY local airline, SereneAir very successfully changed my opinion in this matter.  The lunch tasted so good, it was filling and unique at the same time. Their idea for the mixed Salads and fruits as dessert was the biggest catch for me. Loved how smoking hot the coffee was, that’s the kind of coffee one needs!

Cabin crew:

Selfie with the aircraft at stairs

How was the crew. How they behaved. Helpful or not? The crew was very responsive and helpful, maintaining a very friendly interaction with everyone.

Inflight entertainment:

There was no inflight entertainment

Outside aircraft:

As soon as the doors of the plane were about to open, the staff members helped the passengers get their hand carries off of the top shelf as a kind gesture, there was no pushing each other in the line to the exit, which I have previously experienced a lot, there was no delay, everything went smooth. The staff was friendly even at the end and bid farewell nicely.
  • Overall flight experience
  • Food and Beverage
  • Crew and the service they provided
  • Inflight entertainment
  • Outside aircraft


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